Nearly seven years ago our family had to deal with the difficult task of finding a more suitable place for our mother to live other than the rambling farmhouse in the country where she had spent the previous 50 years. It was a stressful time for all of us, but the owners’ caring, competent manner answered our questions and guided us through the process. This made the transition much less difficult than it could have been. The fact that Mother would have friends nearby for socializing, wonderful, nutritious meals, and assistance as needed for daily tasks, while at the same time maintaining privacy in her own apartment, helped us to know that this was the best possible solution for this new stage in all of our lives. The results most evident following the move were peace of mind for my siblings and me, and extra pounds for Mother from the delicious meals and constant partying! In the years since, we have enjoyed family meals and birthday parties, tea on the porch, keeping up with family photos and videos on Facebook thanks to Dudneywood's wi-fi--in short, just the sort of things families do together at home. Mother always talks about how nice all the people are, staff as well as residents; and truly we have never experienced anything but kindness and compassion from everyone who works there. Magnolia is blessed to have such an exceptional and beautiful facility. We are so grateful for everyone who works hard to make Dudneywood such a wonderful place.

- Becky M., family member

With a set-back in health, it became apparent to my children that I should not live alone any longer. We visited Dudneywood to quickly be convinced that we had an excellent opportunity in Magnolia to live independently while also having the benefit of twenty-four hour attentive staff at Dudneywood. It was difficult to leave my home, but it was too much for me to maintain. Economically, I was smarter to live at Dudneywood than to try to have people live with me. I have privacy at Dudneywood but always know I can call for assistance when I need it. The staff are knowledgeable, professional, friendly and eager to please. As I need more help, I can remain at Dudneywood without having to relocate to a nursing home. That made a big difference to my decision to leave my home. Dudneywood is licensed to be able to offer skilled nursing. Home health, hospice care and physical therapy can be provided at Dudneywood if I need it. Transportation is provided for appointments, errands and social outings. I appreciate how my special diet needs are met. The environment at Dudneywood is outstanding. We always look forward to a change of seasons and holidays because we know how beautifully decorated it will be. The owners also manage Dudneywood which gives residents comfort to know that they are available and truly invested in our welfare. We feel appreciated. Staff always treat us with respect. My children and I made the right choice to live at Dudneywood.

- Gisele S., Magnolia, AR, resident

My mother recently passed away but she lived at Dudneywood for nine years from age 94 to 103. My mother lived five hours away from me, but to know that she had Dudneywood erased any guilt and concerns that I think I normally would have felt. As her physical needs increased, Dudneywood was able to accommodate her without requiring her to relocate to her ultimate dread to a nursing home. A major comfort was knowing that staff turn-over was minimal which helped me to know consistent care was being provided to my mother. I could call the Nurse for medical inquiries and I always knew whom to ask for on particular matters. When I visited my mother, I could trust the information told to me to be accurate and reliable. Walking into my mother’s apartment always gave me relief and assurance that she was well cared for and received quality attention to her personal care, as well as the environment around her. Not only is Dudneywood beautifully decorated, it looks and feels like a home. It is always clean, fresh, immaculate and stimulating. The holiday decorations are spectacular for the residents and visitors. The residents are treated with dignity and respect. Dudneywood licensure today allows skilled nursing, hospice, home health, physical therapy and end of life care. My mother benefited from it all, but most importantly she thoroughly valued her Dudneywood experience. She had the care at Dudneywood that gave me peace of mind and happiness to her end. My mother and our family felt very blessed with Dudneywood.

- Merci D., Lake Charles, LA, family member

My doctor told me that I did not need to live alone, that Dudneywood was the best place to live, and that I needed to live there to enjoy all the benefits, security, safety, friends, quality care, outstanding meals and dignified lifestyle. It is a wonderful choice if you cannot stay at home. The staff are friendly, helpful and professional. The convenient services, quality personal care, housekeeping, laundry, social activities, and food are excellent. I have had friends from New York to North Carolina visit me to say that nothing holds a candle in their areas to Dudneywood.

- Mary Frances J., Magnolia, AR, resident

Dudneywood is truly a blessing to our family and my mother. I live four hours away and I don’t have to worry about my mother’s care. She recently passed away but she was so happy and content at Dudneywood. I rarely could convince her to go riding or back to visit her own home. She was very satisfied and enjoyed her friends, food and activities at Dudneywood. The residents at Dudneywood become a family. The staff are dependable, polite, friendly and always there to help in any way needed. Magnolia should be proud of Dudneywood because it is unmatched any where in our area not only in beauty, but more importantly in the loving attention given to residents.

- Susie D., Russellville, AR, family member

My daughters and I realized that after I experienced a fall and was in rehab, I did not need to remain in my home alone in a nearby town where they did not live. They wanted me to move to Magnolia to be closer to one of them. We went around various communities in the State of Arkansas and nothing appealed to me more than Dudneywood. I finally understood the difference in a nursing home and assisted living. I have a nurse on site to help me when needed, but I don’t need to be in a nursing home. Dudneywood is well planned for resident comfort and convenience. We enjoy the exercise room, activity center, beauty shop, chapel, Prayer Garden, security, outings on the bus, and most of all each other. The staff are well trained, efficient, polite, personable and caring. I have made new friends. We socialize most evenings after our meal to play cards, visit, laugh and enjoy each other’s companionship before we end our day. I was formerly a home economics teacher, and I am particular. The meals always amaze me. The food is not only delicious, but nutritionally planned and served to appeal to the appetite. I am very happy with my decision to live at Dudneywood. I am proud to call it my new home.

- Elizabeth H., Prescott, AR, resident

There are so many quality-of-life benefits to be had at Dudneywood. Our family member’s physical health improved within the first three months of becoming a resident. Being a part of the community, interacting socially at mealtime and through planned activities quickly mended all the feelings of isolation that built up prior to making the move. We appreciate that the staff is sensitive to special needs of residents and is able to incorporate attention to these needs during the course of routine care. Our family member frequently tells us that she enjoys her life at Dudneywood. The grounds and interior appointments are extraordinary, and it is worth a visit during any holiday, especially Christmas, to enjoy the seasonal décor. All our family, the resident included, agree that the move to Dudneywood was the best and right decision we made for our loved one.

- Sue J., family member

My children decided that I did not need to live alone, and worried that I was isolated from enjoying the friendship of others my age. I agreed to give Dudneywood a try, as long as my dog, Casey, could join me. Not only does Casey think Dudneywood is great, but all the residents think he is great. He is our mascot and joins our evening card games, as well as goes out for rides with us on the bus. If I need any assistance, the staff are at my door literally with the push of a pendant we wear or have available in our apartments. I thoroughly enjoy my friends and the opportunity to be the Resident Choir Director at Dudneywood. We sing at various local and area community events. I have my automobile, but it is much more fun to get out with my friends on the Dudneywood bus. They do the driving, we do the talking and laughing. We get door to door service in every aspect of our lives. The environment is excellent – warm and inviting. I love having my personal furnishings from my home to reflect who I am. My special dietary needs are prepared by trained staff. Yet, I don’t feel like I am ever deprived of having great meals. We exercise, worship and socialize together to achieve a total balanced life style. I must admit, that my life at Dudneywood is more than I ever expected that it could be. I recommend it highly. I tell others they need to come live with us to join the fun and frivolities of life! At Dudneywood it is like we live in a college dormitory for folks our age but we have all the privacy we desire at the same time! It keeps us young at heart. Our health improves, our families are happy, and our doctors are impressed with our progress.

- Mavis H., Stamps, AR, resident

With senior adults living longer it is important for communities to address qualify of life issues. We realize how important it is to offer senior adults a beautiful assisted living residence with many amenities. Dudneywood has become a key marketing tool along with a low cost of living to attract retirees to Magnolia. Dudneywood is an asset to Magnolia and Columbia County.

- Cammie Hambrice, Executive Director
Magnolia – Columbia County Chamber of Commerce

Dudneywood has been of the the greatest assets to the city of Magnolia. It allows our senior citizens to live a longer and more independent life style.

- Lane Jean, Arkansas State Representative, Mayor of Magnolia, AR

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